Dear March

Dear March… What do the pundits say, ‘in like a lion‘?

On the first , I awoke to dense snow, drifting straight, silent, consuming the crunch of a passing truck on the road, the chirps of huddled birds in the trees, chickadees, nuthatches and the startling blue of the jays.

If I were to go outside, I could stick out my tongue to catch the snowflakes. No taste, you see, but cool as they melt in the heat of my mouth, each flake as unique in its damp cold as it existed in its ornate delicacy before it struck my tongue.

I have eaten their stories. And the birds will keep winter to themselves, never shared with their summer cousins.

If I am allowed a quote from ‘seedbud’ on Leaf and Twig1, a poem and photo titled “Distance”

when spring seems the furthest from home it is march

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Did you know that a simile is…

— “a figure of speech comparing two unlike things … Often introduced by like or as (as in cheeks like roses).” Thus blue as indigo or transparent as glass would not be true similes as the things compared are not unlike.”

Oakley Hall, How Fiction Works2, p. 45

On the Otherhand…

March …like a lion, is a true simile. Who knows, perhaps, outside Central Ontario, March is the only month the lions choose not to come in roaring?

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  2. How Fiction Works:




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