New Mobile Editor

Old-school to cutting-edge

This is a simple testing post, since I’ve opted to try the new beta version. I don’t think I have posted from my phone before, being the old-school girl that I am. 😇

Mushrooms growing on remnants of elm tree bark We lost our remaining elm trees to a new round of  Dutch elm disease this year. Yellow mushrooms quickly attached themselves to the remnants of bark.

See riotthill’s photos for several more photos.

Back on Track

Hey, back on track with a new entry — a short story — and introducing Warren Riley, a new author to To quote…

The simplest and most natural of human reactions can be the cause of a disaster beyond the imagination. This story is a case in point. A simple unconscious reflex. An involuntary motion. The deadliest of mixtures.

Hope you’ll take some time to read Warren’s first of many stories, Disappearance by Default.