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Old-school to cutting-edge

This is a simple testing post, since I’ve opted to try the new beta version. I don’t think I have posted from my phone before, being the old-school girl that I am. 😇

Mushrooms growing on remnants of elm tree bark We lost our remaining elm trees to a new round of  Dutch elm disease this year. Yellow mushrooms quickly attached themselves to the remnants of bark.

See riotthill’s photos for several more photos.

Windows Beta 7

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beta7screen1 I spent some time last week downloading the new Windows Beta 7 ( ) with installation on Sunday. The download was an all–day affair. The installation required first that I burn the downloaded image to a DVD disc, then boot from the disc and install. If you are reading this and are curious, Microsoft has had enough global interest to extend the download deadline to February 10th. It’s well worth a look.

On the techi-ish side, I already had a data partition on my laptop, so saved all that stuff to an external hard drive and installed the new beta to the second partition. I now have a dual boot machine, keeping my original XP version intact on the first partition. A few pleasant surprises: the beta is stable; I was able to install all my familiar software without complaints, including an old set of card games originally designed for W3.x; no email software included in the download, but since I was already using Windows Live Mail, a tab on the start button allowed me to add that, Messenger, blog software, etc. very quickly and easily. By the way, if you have a hotmail account, I recommend using Live Mail, whatever your Windows OS version, since it integrates very well with your server email account. My printer and digital camera also work smoothly, with a straightforward, fast installation via Windows. I didn’t need to hunt for my discs to get them running. I have yet to try out my scanner, but from what I see so far, I expect it to work also.

The newest OS is visually very beautiful. I used to think computing should be a no–nonsense affair, but hey, why not have some fun? There are new games included, my laptop seems to run faster, and I like the organisation of files and ease of access. Flexibility is extensive, with many choices of themes, colour schemes, fonts and font sizes and greater choices in sound, if you listen to a lot of music, or watch television, radio programs, etc. via streaming. To date, I have not had accessibility issues, so I cannot comment on how well someone with visual or other impairments might adapt this OS for their needs.

I have always saved off–site copies of my work, so that if something goes bla–hooey while I experiment with the new Windows, I can easily go back to XP and resume where I left off. This experience has added an unexpected vibrancy to my computing experience, enhancing work habits as well as my laptop itself.

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