April Fools’ Day

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April Fools‘ Day (also referred to as All Fools‘ Day): Ever wondered where this particular celebration came from?

One legend says it was a result from confusion during a change to the new Gregorian Calendar. There are all kinds of literary references, dating back as early as Geoffry Chaucer, or as some believe, attributed to the era of Noah and his ark from the OT. Continue reading “April Fools’ Day”


an altered colour scheme

background tile
patterns are back!

Well, I’ve been fiddling again today and have altered the colour scheme of riotthill’s web site a wee bit. Note the background, a soft tile from a very old disc — sometime back in the mid to late nineties. The interesting thing about patterned backgrounds is that they have come back into fashion.

<< Here’s a sample of it which you can also see in all its glory behind the content box that holds this post.

In addition, I’ve changed the colour of the type at the top. The page title, riotthill, and the text (something about floating along on a cloud with a bunch of words) to pick up the blog entry title colour. Quite the fashion statement, wouldn’t you say?

In addition, check out the bottom of the home page. I’ve provided a couple of widgets, one is recent tweets, to its right a calendar, which is essentially the same thing as my ‘old stufflist of blogs by the month.

To the left of the tweet widget is a re-iteration of my page links on this site. This resembles a site map, which is highly recommended for modern sites.

I love to add images to my blogs, and the one to the right is a colourful door and window that have absolute no relationship to the content of this post, other than to add some visual highlights to please the eye. It is a stunning photograph, don’t you think?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, I would agree most of the time.

Reject bin - Portuguese colour scheme
Image by O.F.E. via Flickr

Yet, a picture can be a dangerous thing too, can it not? What if it is misleading, for example in this image, which suggests a rather run down entrance to what — a warehouse? a tenement?

On the other hand, perhaps it is a back entrance to a grand mansion, where deliveries of the most exotic foods are delivered, or the door to another dimension, Pablo Picasso‘s studio — well, you get the picture. (Oh yes, the corn is definitely on the cob with that old cliché, pun or play on words, take your pick, intended)

Anyway, amidst this rambling blog there is a point. Visual aids and colour schemes are important, drawing the eye down, across or back to a page. We live in a world of colour, and although there is a certain sense of purity attached to black and white, there is more life to colour and colour in life.

Your thoughts?


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RIP Paul

Paul Scott
Paul Scott

My brother Paul

December 4, 1952 — February 9, 2010

I miss you and think about you all the time. Life is too short, isn’t it? The memories last a lifetime, but even that seems not quite enough when you aren’t here.

↑ Here is a photo of you in happier times. Do you remember the day it was taken? Do you still remember watermelon, swimming in Lake Kashagawigamog, skating on Little Lake?

You’ve become our guardian angel, to me, Anne-Marie, Paulie, all those you loved and loved you. Don’t forget us.

Love, Wendy