Happy New Year

2013 … almost over

What a strange and arbitrary notion we have; time and its imposition upon us.

Times past, we measured by thumb at arm’s length, the passage of the sun above the horizon, or passage across the sky as the distance we could walk comfortably.

Time was a measure of distance, and always, a destination, a journey, a goal. Now it’s a measure of … of …?

I refuse to own a digital watch; a face and dials seem more appropriate, yet my devices — cell, iPad, laptop — all count relentlessly (is that down? or up?), placing those results in an understandable form resembling my old ‘face-ful’ watch. What time is it? A glance tells me it’s just past noon. No journey in that, is there, but if I were to say, by three o’clock, by the sun’s set above the horizon, by its move from south to south west, I will arrive at my destination — now that becomes personal, meaningful.

I don’t want to win a ‘gold-cup’ by a nanosecond, but I would always love to spend the sun’s passage with family and friends.

Happy New Year  🙂  And may you rejoice in the journey of 2014, with its immeasurable, immemorial passages across time.


Sunny Days

compare Uranus Neptune Sirius B Earth VenusBright, bright day to blind the eyes, the snow reflecting back every molecule the sun spews forth in its lengthy speech. Of course, the sun has a captive audience and can say whatever it likes, all the planets must spin quietly around the giant fireball and accept whatever is sent to them.

I wonder if Pluto is resentful of Mercury’s hot life, Mercury has designs to join the asteroids, taste what it thinks is freedom. Does Earth want decorative rings, Jupiter or Neptune to lose some weight? Mars most likely wants the peace and quiet of Uranus, and Venus, oh you beauty, don’t you just wish you could frolic with Saturn?

I suspect that you suspect the blinding snow has damaged some — all right, a lot — of brain cells with all this ranting and anthropomorphizing of planets, but no, that’s entirely wrong. It’s the cabin fever that does it.

Hey, did you know that we’re a few days away from hearing the groundhog’s predictions for spring? Early? Late? Pray for clouds on Wednesday morning, wherever you are, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. The snow does lay its beautiful veil across the land, but enough is enough. At least it remains white where I live. Even the roads don’t take on that sooty big–town look and feel.

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Time of the Big Sun

The sun has rolled around again with promises of lengthening days. Yet, still he conspires with Mother Earth to trick us, to keep us bundled in layers of clothing, or huddled close to the fire under the watch of lamps lit too long.
Ancient keepers of the Celtic nights and days called this the Time of the Big Sun, marking the slow journey to better days.
And so we join them, celebrating this time of renewal, of clean starts as yet slumbering deep beneath the snow.
Happy season to all.