Happy New Year

2013 … almost over

What a strange and arbitrary notion we have; time and its imposition upon us.

Times past, we measured by thumb at arm’s length, the passage of the sun above the horizon, or passage across the sky as the distance we could walk comfortably.

Time was a measure of distance, and always, a destination, a journey, a goal. Now it’s a measure of … of …?

I refuse to own a digital watch; a face and dials seem more appropriate, yet my devices — cell, iPad, laptop — all count relentlessly (is that down? or up?), placing those results in an understandable form resembling my old ‘face-ful’ watch. What time is it? A glance tells me it’s just past noon. No journey in that, is there, but if I were to say, by three o’clock, by the sun’s set above the horizon, by its move from south to south west, I will arrive at my destination — now that becomes personal, meaningful.

I don’t want to win a ‘gold-cup’ by a nanosecond, but I would always love to spend the sun’s passage with family and friends.

Happy New Year  🙂  And may you rejoice in the journey of 2014, with its immeasurable, immemorial passages across time.