‘Bearly’ There

Bears at riotthillQuick visit to riotthill from our young bear neighbours…

Yesterday afternoon, between thunder storms, a black shadow appeared in the underbrush on the rise, broke through and became a bear, with a second bear close behind.

As unexpected as their visit was, I at least had the presence of mind to grab my Blackberry and tap-snap a photo, but oh, the little she-bears (not yet fully grown, I think 2-3 years old) were almost too fast. These two young bears were caught in action as they checked out the front yard at riotthill, moseyed along our driveway and disappeared once more into the forest across the road.

the result…

A bit of a blur, (‘bearly there’ if you’ll pardon my play) but perhaps if you squint, you can see the bears’ exuberance and lumbering speed as they hurry out of the frame.

— And no, in spite of their playfulness, I didn’t follow them for more pics; at this age, bears are usually still with their mother; she might have been supervising from the bush, out of sight 🙂 —