Author’s Notes

A poem I am experimenting with…

Originally written in May, 2010, I don’t remember now where I was going with this poem, but it does seem full of angst and/or depression, doesn’t it? But as noted above, I intended some further editing. Nevertheless, here it is in its original. (I may have published this before, but it would have been way back when, so apologies if you’ve seen it before.)

In the version I saved — I should clean out digital clutter more often — the poem was wrapped around an engraving; the link is at the bottom of the page, and the site, Cornell University Library, is a fascinating look at some of the illustrations included in literary works of yore.

♦ ♦ ♦

Insanity stands in hiatus
skimming pebbles on
the face of a pool
  awaiting their return —
but ugliness pretends to tease
he does not have you
  in his heart.

A dragon rises to the beach
of despair, trapped like
crabs in tidal pools
  awaiting water's depth —
as beauty offers new disguise
colours masking rot
  in your mind.

Sing well and loud your careful words
upon this silent shore
where dragons see dreams
  awaiting new songs —
and memories rewrite the lie
heat and chill and truth
  in our souls.

And you my dearest friend are snared
alive within the
tales strewn all about
  awaiting echoes —
while you skim pebbles through air
both blind and wilful
  without care.

Attaque Demoniaque; A. Delahay et E. Lecrosnier