Cloud Magic

English: Clouds as seen from an aircraft
English: Clouds as seen from an aircraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Magic of Clouds

One of my favourite blogs, Learning From Dogs, posted today under the heading I’ve borrowed above. (and altered ever so slightly for my own blog title 🙂 )

Paul talks about clouds on his website today, and I think to myself, what a wondrous time we live in. Joanie Mitchell’s lyrics, ‘ … I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now … ‘, reminds us of what this really means.

Metaphorically, we’ve been looking at, and drawn, from clouds since our imaginations first stirred, first took us to those awesome, frightening places of other.

But today, we can do it — visit clouds from both sides — literally.

My Question Is …

Cloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That literal-ness, does it enhance our imaginations, expand the magic? Or, does it squash it flat with the burden of such things as meteorology and labels and sticky questions on high school tests?

I believe the former; to each his own, as they say, eh? Half full. Half empty. Storm clouds promise both the end of the drought and the beginning of destruction; the beginning of growth, the end of life.

But our imagination, our Magick, still requires us, after thousands of years of observation, to stand still, be thoughtful, become the cloud. Who knows? As Paul says,

And who knows, you may even see your dog in those clouds!

What did you see in the clouds today?