Another Friday


Yes, today is Friday, but what does that mean? Nothing, really, since all our time-making is quite arbitrary.

Indulge in a bit of conspiracy theory and one might come to believe time-keeping yet another way in which ‘they‘ (that somebody, somewhere, ever unidentified, ever authoritarian) have used something of the universal continuum to control, to enslave, or worse yet, to manage us.

Yet, we are all complicit, are we not, with our time-pieces, our birthdays, our histories and eras … ?

The very ancients probably didn’t keep time, but rather passed through it, as the earth passes through its orbit around the sun, the sun through the galaxy, the galaxy through our universe.

The ancients would have noted the seasons, counting moonrises, or locating the sun in its various rises and sets upon the horizon. They would have seen this as a measure of survival, something vital, directing them to the next ripening fruit, or salmon run, or herd migration.

Our most ancient ancestors marked not time, but wisdom. It is why we are here today on this Friday of Fridays.