4th Anniversary

PinkI received a wee notice today from WordPress:  I am celebrating an anniversary of 4 years since I created this blog.

(Before that I blogged on Blogger. I imported my entries from there to here, so I can date my blogging history back 5 years — my, my, time flies, doesn’t it?)

In case you’re wondering, the cat, left,  is Pink, who is younger than this blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “4th Anniversary”

  1. Just visiting your site now — love the St. Raphael poem — I didn’t know we had such ruins in Ontario 🙂 — I don’t think Pink is as mischievous as your cat Midnight, but he does like to play with his food; he scoops it out of his dish and plays hockey. He has a brother named Bear, a sister Bugz, a Grandma Liefi and a very old auntie named Chloe.


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