On Writing and Words

what are word for?
what are words for? (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

Writing allows the mind to verbalize itself…

Writing captures me
demands a commitment
something that says (not reads)
I’m black and white.

With only a ruled line
to offer guidelines
writing is fantasy
writing is reality.

Writing is the real part of fantasy
it’s down, committed, unavoidable
it’s black and white.

Writing is expression
a mind that works
outward to inward
up to down
back to front
becomes a word, a phrase, a paragraph.

And when it touches another mind
what started as vision
the mind’s inner-outer, down-up, front-back
meets a stranger
caresses with words, phrases, paragraphs
to become a vision re-birthed.

Alive. Breathing. Endless.

It is in our nature to touch ourselves and each other…

A printed word allows one to return
again / again / again
to that which is

It is fuel
it is fire
it is fodder.

Words are the imagination captured
in fine form.

They last
they can be reworded over and over
and sound as fresh, as visionary
the last as the first.

The words, the writing speaks
to those who would listen
and those who would not.

Your words, your writing are the statement of self
your words, your writing are the real part of fantasy.

— Wendy Scott (I wrote the above way back in the early to mid 90’s)

3 thoughts on “On Writing and Words”

  1. Reading your blog has reminded me of how I write an article for my editor (less the fantasy part). I take the facts (but not change the meaning) and write the article the way I think would be interesting to a reader. Your description in your current blog “On writing and words” conjures the essence for good writing and should be followed extensively. Excellent and thanks for your expressions.


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