Magic Bus and Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

  • very overcast means no shadow, means an early spring (put on your magical thinking hat), but what I need to know is how does the groundhog know… (?)

English: A space shuttle model undergoes a win...

Magic Bus Dream

On East Street (St. Thomas), Warren and I are standing on the sidewalk talking when we hear a roar, a plane we think, flying low overhead. We look up to see a tiny NASA shuttle, all details visible, looming larger and large as it gets closer and low. Windows appear along the fuselage, blunt wings, high sassy tail, wrap-around cockpit windows, dark blue and white.

The shuttle will crash, I think, as it brushes chimneys and treetops, but the vehicle slows and rotates and settles on the street facing us.

Paul is driving, white t–shirt, hand on the wheel, smile, a one-handed wave, greetings, all visible through the broad divided windshield — the shuttle has become a bus loaded with children.

In my dream, I borrowed the bus from a video I watched last evening on a young couple converting a 39 foot yellow bus to a blue (their blue was closer to marine than navy) and white mobile but permanent tiny home.

Paul and the kids arrived dream-wise from somewhere else, the kids remained anonymous background noise, but I am happy Paul was ‘at the wheel’. His presence justifies a shuttle turned bus as magic.