Reader Appreciation Award

Nominated thanks to Schalk at

I have just received a nomination from Schalk Cleote of the excellent blog, called the Reader Appreciation Award. Thank you Schalk. It is always thrilling to be acknowledged by readers and bloggers.

There are three rules to this award, as passed on at One In A Billion: 1) 7 things about yourself; 2) nominate 5 or more bloggers; 3) express a big thank you to your nominator.

Hmm… 7 things:

  • I have lived off the grid for 11 years and never looked back;
  • I have 7 indifferent cats and 1 exceptional husband;
  • I am studying SciFi & Fantasy literature online;
  • I’m an optimist; I believe we can continue to improve our lifestyles and quality of life while reducing our demands on the earth;
  • I am committed to supporting local farming and economy;
  • I have blue eyes / grey hair;
  • I love reading, especially terrific blogs, such as Schalk’s that are thoughtful and educational.

And here are my nominees:


2 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award”

  1. Ooh, gosh! Thank you, Wen. It’s lovely and rather amazing to be appreciated like this.

    Does this mean I have to do one of these myself? It feels a bit chain letterish, which makes me a little cautious, but I’ll have a look and see what it’s all about.


    1. I thought that too (chain-letter-ish), but it seems harmless enough, and a bit of fun. I just copied and pasted the image into a new blog for a post. I did notice a spike in my visits, which I think is the main purpose, plus a concrete feedback. And thanks for writing a great blog, yourself. I always look forward to reading it.


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