Canada’s Environmental Catastrophe


There is no shortage of compelling issues to discuss in a Hill Times Environmental Policy briefing.  Even listing, without describing, the catalogue of assaults on environmental law and policy by the prime minister in the last 12 months is enough to occupy the whole issue.

by Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada

I hope you will take the time to read the rest of Elizabeth May’s article, a catalogue of damage to Canada, Canadians and the rest of the world. A précis might describe this blog as Canada’s environmental catastrophe, brought about by current government legislature (Bill C-38), against the will of the majority of Canadians.

It’s beginning to look as if we — the majority of Canadians — are now ruled by a bunch of eco–terrorists, illegally elected (see robocalls and weighted voting), in utter defiance of democracy, a “parcel of rogues” hiding behind the name of conservatism.


  • Parcel of Rogues, the title of Maude Barlow’s book about a previous Progressive Conservative government, subtitled How Free Trade is Failing Canada, controversial at the time of its publication, an interesting read of Canada’s uneasy relationship with the United States. The next Canadian resource on the table (again without Canadians’ permission or support) to be governed/treatied/negotiated/stolen by the eco-terrorists in Ottawa is fresh water.
  • Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation, Robert Burns’ poem of the loss of sovereignty and national identity…
    ” ‘we’re bought and sold for English gold–‘ ”
    … that ‘gold’ is, of course, in the Canadian framework of Barlow’s book, ‘free trade’, now ‘black gold’, aka tar sands oil, always the topic of ‘sovereignty’ and soon to be ‘water’, subjects relevant when the book was written and again now.
  • The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada is currently a ruse, a guise, an umbrella, an aegis for a gang led by Stephen Harper,  of eco-terrorists, religious extremists and corporate lackies who were known as the Reform Party (still known in some circles as CCRAP) in their pre-Canada-wide existence. They have ties to the Frazier Institute, the Koch Brothers, and the KKK, for example. Not exactly in the best interests of real Canadians.

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  1. More people should understand what the Canadian Progressive Party is doing to our country. This blog demonstrates how the populous has been hood-winked by a rigged election. Canada is being systematically destroyed by the Conservatives with total disregard for the future of Canada. Thanks for this information. It certainly makes me think.


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