Shooting the Wildlife

The habitat of beavers
The habitat of beavers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes it’s true. A few minutes ago two men from the township arrived across the road from our home to shoot the beavers who have lived in that tiny wetland for years. Thankfully, the workers stopped when we asked them to, but not before at least one beaver was dead.

In the past, the township has shown up every several months to clear the culverts that cross under the road (the beavers dam them up) as part of county-wide water management — management that keeps the water artificially low here, so that it remains high in the Trent Canal system for rich tourists and their boats.

Ironically, these guys today are actually shooting their own jobs — if the beavers disappear, aside from the incalculable damage to the environment, their jobs to clear out the culverts will also disappear.