NaNoWriMo Lessons Learned

No Finish Line for Me at NaNoWriMo This Year

Word Count

I ended up a little shy of the 17,000 word mark as posted on my site at National Novel Writing Month, but actually completed closer to 20,000 words. I did not upload more word count even though I had plenty of time to do so. ( my site )


I have come to the conclusion that at this point, a focus on word counts presents more distraction than help. Will I participate next year — that is still to be determined.

BUT . . .

As in the blog from The Office of Letters and Light, I learned more from this year’s experience than in past years. As above, and from so many other blogs, the habit of writing is already part of my lifestyle; very few days go by that I don’t write in my journal, both online and the old fashioned way, or play with plot and character ideas, short stories, poetry or blogging.

Passion is a word I’ve come to associate with writing, no matter the content, a sort of new-found awareness that yes, it is a great love of my life, intricately interwoven with reading.


Quality comes of passion, whether it flows directly in first draft or outline, or in later refinements with editing.

This year I discovered something new and significant in my efforts with NaNoWriMo — I found a voice I didn’t know I had. A Major Lesson I have struggled with for a long time.

It has allowed me to break habits and convention and explore story. Free of distraction, I have already returned to my story and with my newly-discovered voice, it flows across the screen. I’ve always envied other authors their seemingly effortless play with words to tell their stories. No, it is not effortless, but it is play with a distinct, wholly natural voice.

Oh, that voice has been there all along, I just didn’t recognize if before, and/or I did not take it seriously. Now that is changed. Thanks NaNoWriMo.

And, congratulations to all participants in this year’s (2011) month of madness.


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