No New Gifts Holiday Challenge

Christmas decorations, Christmas tree

» The No New Gifts Holiday Challenge :zenhabits.

What We Do

  • We take pictures of all the stuff we bought this year, print 4×6’s and hang them from the tree as ornaments. For example, this year we purchased solar panels, a new car (new to us) and a digital camera (also used, a Canon EOS 30D, in case you’re interested)
  • We wrap empty boxes with colourful Christmas wrapping paper to decorate the bottom of the tree — re-use them each year and add more.

You are NOT a bad person if you don’t fall for the consumerism gimmicks, and you don’t spend a fortune / get into debt buying gifts for everyone on your list.

  • make things
  • recycle
  • bake
  • entertain

See how many family and friends you can share this with, no new gifts, replace with good food, good memories, celebrations.