Master of Unsaid Words

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“We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.”

Winston Churchill

Note the quote above — copied from my email prompt I get every Monday from Penzu. But first, some auto-writing...

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stopping now — and back to Winnie

what does he mean by this? I think the idea is that he means once the words are spoken they cannot be retracted, so if they are harmful, they will forever be harmful, but if kind, they will reverberate as such over and over again. That’s what memory is about. We’re inclined though to remember the hurtful stuff longer, so back to being a slave to what you’ve said, that’s the image you’ll leave with someone. Is that what you want?

On the internet, it has additional meaning — if you blog something and post it, it’s in the aether forever, even if you think you’ve deleted your blog or the post. Somebody, somewhere will have saved it, and again, if it is hurtful, you’ll become a slave to the words, as Winston predicted.

Very wise.

Above, re auto-writing, from a book I’m currently reading Writing for your Life: Discovering the Story of your Life’s Journal (Deena Metzger), recommended by a blogger Joel Friedlander, at

Anyway, the gist is to start with any word that pops into your head and follow with the next word, the next and so on for a page, a timed session or until your brain fizzles and pops and refuses to produce anything coherent. The idea is to trigger the creative side of your brain, without editing, spelling, punctuation or that little guy sitting on your shoulder who keeps telling you your wrong, this doesn’t make sense, forget it and so on… he gets silenced during this exercise. Above is my online attempt, but I do this often in my hand-written journal as well. Write fast, write creative. Don’t stop.

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