7-day week

calendarI had to pause for a few seconds when I woke up this morning, trying to remember what day this was, oh yes… Sunday, all day.

It does feel like a Sunday, though. And what, you ask, does a Sunday actually feel like? Good question.

It is traditionally a day of rest. I wonder if that habit, resting on the 7th day was recognized prior to the Christian era? They have re-cycled so many other rituals and rites, I would not be surprised. Depends, though, doesn’t it, if the people who lived several thousand or more years ago used a calendar that broke the year down by week, and the weeks by 7 days.

Wasn’t it Caesar Augustus who had the calendar re-scheduled (lol, pun intended) to include a new month, named after himself? After all, Julius Caesar had his own month.

All those extra months aside, does that mean this is where the beginnings of a 7-day week began?

Ask and ye shall receive — so I did, and found this link on the internet, explaining possible historical origins of a 7-day week.

*image courtesyhttp://www.clipartoday.com/_thumbs/034/C/Calendar_1_tnb.png

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