Psy-wars, human resources and the end of democracy

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I have watched a couple of documentaries on the internet, the first called Psy-wars, the second Human Resources, both by Scott Noble. The premise is controlling the population, tapping the populace for labour and as consumers through any and all ways — by a small minority of the extremely (obscenely?) wealthy and corporations — self-appointed elitists for lack of a better word, with governments often as collaborators.

They use psychology, PR and violence as major methods, education and propaganda, and any other tools deemed necessary to maintain the objective that they are better in all ways, and thus more qualified to govern, to control economies, to dictate all facets of human life.

That’s the official line.

The reality is that these elitists are simply protecting their interests, and their ability to continue to expand those interests.

Problem is, their insanity is so great that they may now be putting the earth itself, and all its living organism at risk in their pursuit of greed and power. Very scary stuff.

A great example of how this collaboration between wealth-driven propaganda and government works, is our recent election, where Stephen Harper and his pseudo-conservatives (once the far-right, fundamentalist Reform party, hiding under/using the name of the much older, now defunct Progressive Conservatives, but that’s another story) now have what they smugly refer to as a ‘majority‘ of the vote, when in fact they gained only a few parliamentary seats, mostly by slippery campaigning tactics  in the Toronto area, to give them the  155 plus MPs to make their majority claims.

The reality is that over 60% of the popular vote across Canada was for other parties, predominantly the NDP, then Liberal with a couple of Bloc and Greens, probably an independent or two. This becomes an example of how these ‘elitists’ have rigged democratic votes to appear as if the public are participants, when in fact the popular vote rarely reflects their agents in Ottawa.

And, once elected, the public becomes a superfluous annoyance to MPs to be ignored while they follow party policy, claiming a majority vote and thus a mandate to fulfil party objectives which frequently do not represent public interest or will. If you watch the video below to its end, note the descriptions of how the American constitution came into being and whose interests it served at the time of its writing.

The ‘harpie-conservatives’ with their shiny new ‘majority’, will enforce their policies upon a vast majority of Canadians who did not vote for them and do not support either their party or their policies. The PR will undoubtedly tout how good the changes are for us, deceive us into thinking we’ll actually benefit, for example, from lowered corporate/wealthy taxes, ‘for-profit’ health services (a long-time Reform policy, carried over to the  harpie–conservatives), removal of public funding for elections, more parliamentary prorogues whenever the opposition (Mr Layton and his NDPs) attempt to stimulate public debate that challenges those policies.

I’m sure they will try to re-introduce some sort of religious (theirs only) aspect into public life, parliament, schools, tax breaks, etc. Organized religion is founded upon principles which are about as opposite as you could want to democracy and the concept of majority rule. Countries with state sanctified religions of any kind are not democratic. They cannot be. Canadians take pride in our ongoing efforts to ensure all religions are protected within the private sphere — reintroducing specific references to religion, god, prayers, etc., in an official or state capacity, well…… It simply undermines our democracy, our ethnic tapestry, and our ability to extend equality to all of us.

The harpies have indicated they have no interest in pursuing the environmental policies set forth and ratified by the original Kyoto Protocol or subsequent accords, and intend now to pursue aggressively the tar sands for oil, for example, with the Alberta government.

And the propaganda, the psychology — back to the videos I’m watching, control the peasant population at all costs; keep them stupid, ignorant, living in fear, overworked, underpaid, unhealthy and poor, and if that doesn’t work, shoot the bastards. That’s what Harper and his cronies are all about. I’m sure he approves of the techniques those two videos are portraying whole-heartedly.

After all, if the majority truly ran their countries, they might do something dumb and irresponsible such as re-distribute wealth more humanely; universal health care and education, real child-care and parenting support, emotionally, physically and financially, shorter work hours with wages reflective of the ‘street-level’ cost of living, financial and legal support for small local business and the self-employed, a fair tax system, environmental responsibility, to name a few examples …..OMG, it’s terrifying, isn’t it?

I begin to see connections between these videos (public manipulation via propaganda and PR), political shenanigans, collapsed economies and manufactured bust/boom cycles, feminism (I’m re-reading The Feminine Mystique), racism, corporate-sponsored ideologies masquerading as grass-roots (think about the Tea Party movement), current reports on the debate of nature/nurture and genetics, and so many other topics that seem on the surface, unrelated.

It makes me realize that whatever news I see or hear, books, party policy, elections, even the oranges on my local grocer shelf, all need to be approached with open eyes and careful thought.

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