Experiment in Writing


I’m working on something completely new; an experiment in writing. My writing, that is.

In an earlier blog I wrote that I would like to work on a short story per month, emulating the ideas put forth by another author, Dean Wesley Smith at his website. I even came up with a plot, a ghost story, with conflict and a couple of characters.

Trouble is, I could not get into the story, which has led me to a lot of thinking — what kind of writer am I? At the same time, I’m re–reading Stephen King’s little book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. He describes himself as a situational writer. In other words begin with an idea, a scene, a what-if scenario and develop from there.

All along, this — a situational writer — is what I have been, writing from a scenario and developing from there. Characters appear, insisting they have roles, one scene leads to another, theme and symbolism gradually materialize.

Which leads me back to my title, Experiment in Writing. I have a what–if: What if the ak’asha is the source of all magic, and it is leaking, threatening to end all magic in the world — in this case, of course, a parallel world and parallel continent I call Ca’ancartti (I’ll let you figure it out). What if early attempts to stop the leak had failed. What if one character who could do something doesn’t care, another doesn’t know, a third is driven by an unearned reputation and the fourth isn’t allowed to do something to stop the leaky ak’asha?

Here on this site, I’m experimenting with the voices of those characters, having some fun with them, letting them speak their minds through their blogging efforts. Each appears under the my story category with his or her own by–line. Each has concerns which I hope over the course of a few months will bring them together to address the what–if scenario I have devised, in spite of the fact that they don’t yet know it, even though they do know me.

Running along the same timeline, I am writing the actual story on my word processor. The blogs are first person. The story is third. Will I become confused? Don’t know? Will all this acting in character drive me mad? Don’t know. Will a third person — that wonderful Omniscient him/herself — fall by the wayside? Don’t know that either.

But it is an Experiment in writing I am Excited about, an Emotion I’ve been lacking in the past while I tried to be a good writer and follow all the missives and thou shalts/shalt–nots of every Tom, Dick and Harriet who has committed how–to words to paper, either the tree–type or the ‘e–type’.

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