near miss


I decided to add a little post to this to round out this new theme. It carries 3 posts on one page, so it makes sense to add one more to balance the page.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have migrated the bulk of my posts to my personal site, Until I figure out what to put here — it makes sense to stay on a single theme, rather than various categories as organized currently, and duplicated at riotthill.

A couple of news items:
  • Liefi had 5 kittens on the 19th of April. That takes us to a grand total of 14 cats, giving new meaning to the term ‘cat house‘. The image above is Lief at 3 months.
  • Yesterday we finished installing our new solar system. We now have 3 shiny new 235 watt panels, 8 batteries and a power manager that boosts the efficiency of what the panels collect for storage.
  • My birthday is coming up in a couple of days — the 28th — and I will finally reach the big 6–0. Doesn’t feel like it or seem like it.