New Look for riotthill


Image by tcwanat via Flickr

Well, as I suggested in my previous post, I’ve changed the look with this new WordPress theme, called Monochrome. I will continue to play and doctor, as I did with Fastfood (see my previous post, Changing a Website Appearance) and update this blog entry as I go along.

Actually, as I work on this, I discover that there isn’t a great deal to do. I like it the way it is, with a few widget changes.

At this point, it seems as if there is no sign of Apture, my favourite in page link service which pops up a window with relevant links to Wikipedia, Videos and others. I will continue to explore this.

Since this is a relative short post, I won’t add a page break.


I’ve added in the code for Apture, to the footer.php file, which means the settings should now work. A tiny book icon appears beside any link that is Apture enhanced, allowing for a popup window connecting to further information, without leaving the current page.

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