Changing a Web Site Appearance

Oh my goodness, more changes in the wind… 

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I’ve been playing with the CSS file for this theme, which is called Fastfood, in case you haven’t scrolled all the way to the bottom to read the fine print.

My site title, riotthill is larger and better defined, with other headings smaller and not quite as bold as they were in the original. I’m not a fan of huge bold headings; would much rather they are closer to the body text in both weight and size, creating a much more pleasing appearance.

I added a noisy background, made in Photoshop. It was easy to do. I started with a small square (250 x 250 pixels in size), with white as the background colour, then added some noise to it from the filter gallery, played with the settings until I was satisfied, then saved the file to a png format. Once uploaded, it was tiled to the background.

Note that I also changed the bar colour of my little ‘Follow Me’ Twitter badge and moved it to the left side of my pages. And… I have shortened the blog entries on my home page, with a link to the entire blog on its own page. I may change that back.

I am still looking at other themes created by WordPress and may yet change from the existing one. I have found one, called Platform, which also offers HTML 5 and CSS3, even though the latest browsers don’t yet understand all the new markup and style sheets.

The appearance of a website creates the first impression a visitor will have. It’s difficult to step outside one’s own work, but I try to look at it as objectively as possible, and trust my own judgment in what appears balanced in layout, colour and content, both what I write, and the side and bottom content.

In the meantime, occasional forays into the world of markup, CSS and WordPress themes offer a lovely distraction from daily chores, writing, and dealing with a very modern world.

What do you think?


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