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Oops, here I go again, without a clear topic or ideas, just plunging ahead on a blog, which WordPress has auto-numbered for me as 922. Just for fun, I think I’ll make that the official title of this blog entry.

First, however, I would like to add some additional comments regarding a previous post, Short Stories. (not to be confused with my Menu link, also called Short Stories)

Anyway, I listed there, three conflicts garnered from Story Toolz and have struggled since then to find a way to integrate all three — the one I have had the most problem with is Mistaken Jealousy.

Woman against the Supernatural, and Rescue are pretty straight forward… but mistaken jealousy? Note the emphasis [mine] on the word mistaken. Now that’s the part I have struggled with.

All this struggling is happening before one word is keyed in and appears on the screen. However, I think I have a solution which has the potential to turn into a short story not only of ghosts, entrapment and rescue, but with irony as the ghost mistakes the main character for the living, acts on her mistaken jealousy and…

It would spoil it if I told you more.

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  1. Hi Wen. I’m assuming that you have now made a correlation ( story climax )between the three conflicts in your short story. I’m anxious to see where the ‘mistaken jealousy’ leads to as far as the characters are concerned.


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