Silence and Summer

by Rachel Britt
Oil on Canvas, 16"x20" by Rachel Britt

Silence thinks twice

This is a prompt from OmmWriter on a new page they have introduced. The ‘seed’ page lists a series of prompts, much like the ones provided here to get the creative juices moving along those lazy old arteries — at least the ones that are supposed to be contributing to the creative process.


Onward and upward… what about the statement, silence thinks twice? What does it mean? My first reaction was thinking about what might be saved — feelings, offenses, misunderstandings, for example — if one replaces some kind of immediate reply with a silence in the midst of a heated conversation. Does this allow you the option of reviewing your answer, perhaps even rejecting it for another line of thought, if you allow silence to be your first response? Yes, I think there are cases where it does.

But then again, one might risk hopeless misunderstanding if a reply isn’t returned quickly. Silence sometimes means tacit agreement when that isn’t at all what you intended.

All this is predicated on the assumption that the silence referred here is a part of a conversation. But,

What other silences?

One I know and love happens mostly in late spring when the frogs in the marsh across the road, singing and croaking their little hearts out suddenly go silent. Something ominous is passing nearby, perhaps a predator. No thinking twice about it, but the silence protects the frogs, keeping them from becoming some hungry critter’s dinner, not a pleasing thought.

There is the wonderful silence in early morning snowfall. Yet another in the pre–dawn hours before the birds awaken, the day breaks out in noisy buzz and craws, horns and children laughing. Either brings second, third or more, thoughts. Revelations? New–found understanding? Forgiveness? Thankfulness?

The reality is, silence doesn’t think at all. It is up to you and I to use our thoughts to their best, to create the best world, best home, family and, best life well spent.

And now… (from Penzu‘s own idea resources)

What Questions, Feelings does summer evoke?

There seems at first glance, some similarity between the two ideas, Ommwriters’ seed and Penzu’s lightbulb. Silence has evoked thoughts of lively marshes, early morning, healthy thoughts given pause — summer can too evoke the same. Our land is thriving, bustling with neighbourly creatures who share our space.

Sometimes they are silent. Sometimes quite vocal, speaking their minds, offering advice — plant this sweet–nectar flower, leave this long-legged grass, show us your gratitude, take care of us as we do you. It is wonderful to be alive and somehow, summer brings out that concept’s best. Other seasons have their benefits, but the wealth, the noise, the silence, the sheer green of summer is overwhelming.

Perhaps so much so, that we need a sort of ‘twice–thinking silence’ to fully appreciate the high season of the big sun.


  • I use and recommend both sites mentioned above, but am not associated with either. Visit Penzu or Ommwriter for yourself.
  • Rachel Britt’s painting of wildflowers is evocative of both summer and silence, don’t you think?


If you care about the earth, love its silences, its noisy life, its seasons, I recommend a visit to David Suzuki‘s site to sign his Declaration of Interdependence.

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