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Does this make sense to you?

Most Senators would rather not have to actually vote against the bill, because they know how popular it is with Canadians of all political views. So, if we can raise a national outcry to demand a vote, we’re likely to win. Liberal Senators have already pledged to get access to medicines through the Senate as quickly as possible — let’s call on Conservative Senators to join them. ]

Most Canadians are disgusted with the conservative effort to turn our health care into some sort of ‘for-profit’ system for their buddies, rather than save lives now, especially children who’s circumstances prevent them from access to life-saving drugs.

Underlying the issue at hand is the government’s attitude that… ‘no, we really don’t have to follow the will of the people of our country, because the idea that Canada is a democracy is delusional.’ And so, apparently is its humanity.

Earthquake, Tsunami damage, Kengaya Bridge, Japan
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…in Japan

I read a blog today ( suggesting the real stories of the people who endured last weeks earthquake and tsunami are finding voices now. Voices that are not happy with the attention, out of all proportion even by their own standards**, media and the Japanese government is paying to a potential nuclear threat, and/or whether a handful of greedy stockholders (stockmarket disruptions), when the actual loss of life, property, lifestyle is so very real and continuing. Perhaps these real people fear the fate of the Indonesian tsunami survivors, or the Haitians or the Katrina victims, none of whom have received, years later, much of the help promised to them by government and officialdom.

**constant assurances that there is no danger of nuclear contamination, that the stock market will recover, that business is as usual

Our hearts, thoughts, prayers are extended to those people and their losses from the rest of the world.

What is the point of being human if we are told by the official pundits that the important matters are industry, profit, global economy and who is going to pay?

A painful irony: during all the current horrific human catastrophe in Japan, here is our government, wondering in all its senatorial wisdom, whether we should prefer business profits over saving lives.

Get your priorities straight, guys.

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  1. Wen. All the discussion in the world amongst the rich will not change their decision to make money on any catastrophe. Its in their nature. Over half of the medias broadcasts revolve around the Western and Asian countries economy. Money and greed. More for the elite. Not the need for food or water or clothing or medical attention. These are the true reasons this planet is in a serious crisis. Shame is not the word that comes to my mind. The one that does I can not print here. Thank you for posting this article. My stomach is churning from this disgrace. Please keep us informed of the REAL situations we need to hear.


    1. Situations like these serve only to compound the unfolding tragedies that beset our world. There is enough sadness and catastrophe in natural disasters. It’s indeed shameful that we add to that with man-made disasters construed to serve the great profit god.


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