What are They Thinking?

What the author, Tom Engelhardt writes here , about the state of the American budget cuts, is so obvious to the rest of the world. The ‘save-the-world’ complex the US has — a poor attempt to disguise the real motive, an industrial-military money making scheme, has probably contributed more to world treachery, misery, death and mayhem than anything we, as a global society, have known before.uscoins.jpg (507082 bytes)

It’s time Americans — I mean the real citizens of the US — took back their country. They need to re-assign all those billions of tax dollars to themselves, to education, well-being, a good-old-fashioned American economy, by the people, for the people.

Here’s my source:

The easy way to cut $100 billion | Salon:

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  1. I’m still reading your source on “The Easy Way To Cut $100 Million.” I agree with you concerning the fact that the American people should take back their country. But the only problem I have is, has America rolled down the hill too far already to survive? That is a conundrum. Excellent source. Great site also.


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