Shoot the shooter

LawlessnessOnce you finish with all this justifiable homicide (as defined in SD law and proposed amendments), sounds like there won’t be anyone left alive to prosecute anyway. The way the law is written, and if I don’t consult with a lawyer ahead of time, I might potentially interpret the law to justifiably kill anyone, whether a pregnant woman threatening her foetus, her health care provider, the killer of the provider, a neighbour of the killer, some guy or gal down the street who seems threatening to me, to the foetus, to a health care provider… I think I hear strange dark voices whispering to me in the dark, telling me what to do.

Isn’t it a wonder we Canadians scratch our heads wondering how good people in a good country become so… extreme? So violent?

Are these people nuts? As one blogger suggests, modern Christian morality seems to have evolved into uterine morality, not much else, for many people. And that makes me sad.

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