Stormy Weather

Century Storm
Dec 2009, 128cm snowstorm

It seems each season the storms we experience are worse–more snow or rain, higher winds, colder, hotter, dryer, wetter. Yet again this week Eastern North America got a winter dump, with blizzard conditions, treacherous driving and lots of digging out in the aftermath.

Puts me in mind of the stormy weather we received here in Haliburton County just over a year ago. Broke the snow plough, had to call a friend with a front end loader to dig out our driveway. Broke a few records too, in our neck of the woods with 120 plus centimetres in 24 hours. That’s over 4 feet for the oldsters and Americans amongst us.

This year, so far we’ve missed the worst of all of it but my thoughts are there for all those who are still shovelling, wading, freezing and sitting in the dark.


Wiarton WillieOn a brighter side, it was very overcast today–no chance Wiarton Willie saw his shadow. (Hurrah!)


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