Write Like the Plague

Write like the plague is gnawing at your heels. Find the words that nurse each sentence, be careful not to breath too heavily upon your paragraphs, and dispose of your dead as soon as the body carts arrive at the door.

Does this sound extreme? Perhaps, but when one puts away the ‘art and science‘ of writing, and just writes, the results might very well be a healthy survival rate.

Which brings me to a point that is only slightly related. What to publish, where and how. I have been giving much though to the current transition, growing pains if you will, of the state of the publishing industry.

There is much talk about self-publishing. Write up your story, sign up for a blog and post it. Or sign on to one of the sites that will publish your story in e-book format for others to download. Or explore the possibility of print-on-demand for hard copy… the real deal of a book with covers and perhaps even a number someone might put in a library somewhere — good traditional bones.

Oh boy, what about quality? What about the editing process, the melding of minds to polish the thing to its most appealing form. Well, what about it?

The best, the healthiest may very well survive to attract the attention of serious readers, those types who eat words for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They know a good story when they see one. They see the worth of good editing, polished plot, character development, an underlying message of universal appeal. Something with staying power. A classic. A story to embrace like an old friend arriving for a good long visit.

Then again, there is always the self-satisfaction of simply writing. Perhaps you’ve written something no one should ever see. Perhaps it just needs to be said, without care that it will ever be read. Perhaps that’s the state at which inhibitions slough off like an old skin, words dance and sing themselves into existence, immune to the plague of doubt, of judgement — both internal and external — to survive and thrive, to live healthy, wondrous lives, whether in print or in the clouds.

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