Revising the Mess

I have spent the last week or so, after a breather from NaNoWriMo, reviewing my writing so far. It is so easy to step off the well-groomed path into a forest of dark forbidding, words, characters, plot lines adrift like maple keys swirling about on breezy currents.
Now, I’ve found it very useful to restate my plot lines, which go as follows:

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Challenge of Editing

PLOT A — Lord Ishrian, Shell onSeton and Marlen Greenleas must install the rightful heir to the Anda duchy, then prevent or defend against, invasion by long-time enemy, Kingdom of Demler
PLOT B — Prince Brynt wants to install a Demler sympathizer to Anda duchy, then annex the duchy to the Kingdom of Demler, through his principal minions, Lord Akin, Olan Okrano, and Anders Gaelss
PLOT C — for the twin wizard brothers, Collin and Thoman, who are trapped in the ak’asha, but don’t fully realize it, they are driven to find and restore the missing kenea warrior wizard to the cadre, always in threes, as in ancient times
PLOT D — Luna, the kenea obelisk, and forgotten Ca’ancartti goddess, driven insane over millennia in the ak’asha, aims to bring her ‘kenea’ children home to the ak’asha forever

I realize now, one of the wrongful paths was to spend so much time on following the trials of the missing heir, dragging focus away from my main character and protagonist, Shell.
I’m working through some hard questions, trying to view the story so far from a reader’s eyes. Boy-oh-boy-oh-boy, now there’s a hat I’ve had to dig out of the back of a closet I found on one of those side paths. I found it in a lump of disgarded clothing. Once I’ve donned that dusty old reader’s hat, however, the questions come clearer, the answers appear sometimes as stinky as laundry, other times the thinnest of silks still waiting to be woven into the story.
All this reviewing, plus a needed break which allows me to view my work at arm’s length, has renewed my enthusiasm at just the right moment, during the long and dark days where the path never seems to end.

2 thoughts on “Revising the Mess”

  1. I’m very curious why you have used “kenea warrior”, “kenea obelisk”. As you can see, it is my first name. I grew up in a farming community of Missouri, USA and I am caucasian so my name caused quite a stir in a town of red-neck hillbillies. My father named me after him – Kenneth. I have heard that it translates in Hebrew as “acquired God” or “acquired by God”.

    I’m hoping you have some wonderful story to go with the name “kenea”. I would love to hear it. (read it). 🙂

    Thank you,



    1. Hello Kenea,
      What a beautiful name you have. I used the ‘kenea‘ as a race name in my fantasy, made up, I thought, from a Celtic, probably Scottish and ancient British root word ‘kennen’ which means knowledge, or lore. I can see how it could be a root for a Hebrew word as well. Thanks for your comment — Wen


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