Century Storm

spruce tree
Picture Perfect

We watched with amusement as our southern east coast neighbours struggled with a huge snowstorm this past weekend. We were of course, quite smug about the whole event, since we had just endured a whopping 121 centimetres (4 feet) of fluffy snow, which broke all local records for a single storm. As you can see, from the picture at right, my hubby made a valiant attempt to clear the snow. It was overwhelming, as you can imagine.

snow-covered car
Digging out the Car

Our neighbour about a kilometer down the road arrived with his front end loader and worked on the whole driveway a day later, for which we are very grateful, since it is very likely we would still be shoveling a week later without his help. Now that we’re cleared… gorgeous scenery, sparkling snow and intensely blue skies to frame our yard, our road and our region.

Backyard View
Winter Wonderland

There is something wondrous in experiencing a snowstorm, a blizzard by environmental standards, standing at the windows watching the ground whiten with heaps of snow, burying all the drabness of a cold wet November, gifting us with a bright new world. Wherever the birds have gone during such terrible weather, they return to our feeder, hungry, but as cheerful as always, chittering and chirping to let us know how pleased they are with themselves. Our cats pause at the door, wondering where their familiar landmarks have gone. We struggle with heavy boots and coats, remembering long-ago days when we tobaggoned, made snow angels and hurled snowballs at each other. Today we sit by the fire, enjoying its warmth as we watch the results of the snowfall all over the east coast just in time for the holiday season.

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Happy Season to All!

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