Experimenting with WordPress

I know I can figure this out...
I know I can figure this out...

This will be a short blog, as I am just ‘learning the ropes‘, as they say. Posting a blog in any server is pretty straightforward. This, however, will be a first-timer with my own web site.

In essence, it means I’m learning two systems at once. First off, I’m discovering the services, available plug-ins and apps available from my server, GoDaddy.com. Secondly, I’m new to WordPress, which means familiarizing myself with the ‘dashboard‘, pages, plug-ins, etc. I will be taking this slowly, once thing at a time. I have now assumed control of not only managing my blog, but also my web site.

At present, my new homepage is based on a start-up template provided by WordPress at the time I installed it on my site. For now, I think I will leave it at that, just feeling out the site and finding out what it will and won’t do, reading the documents and tutorials and trying a few things out. A whole slew of themes are offered and, by the description on the help pages, I am of the impression they are relatively easy to add to the site. I have another option of designing my own theme from scratch, or altering an existing theme by working with the html markup, CSS pages, images and so forth.

Oh, did I mention that both GoDaddy and WordPress have extensive, clearly written documentation to go along with my learning process.

So far, this sounds more like a plug for the two services I am now employing, but it is really notes to myself, and a sort of simple journal of my progress and I discover how to manipulate these pages to my—and hopefully your—liking. As it stands, this site is a work in progress.