Electric Vehicles

I watched a quick story last night on television about a high school student who recently converted a pickup truck to electric powered engine, by-passing the need for gasoline. He did the conversion on a budget saved from his part-time job and in a few months in his own back yard.

His parents reported a jump of about $15.00 per month in their hydro bill to charge the batteries in their son’s truck. The youngster’s next project was to convert a small car to electric.

Both the car and the truck were successful conversions to all electric engines, and the cost to run them is dramatically less than keeping a gas tank full at the up and down prices we are experiencing in today’s market.

The question left at the end of the story – one we should be asking ourselves, our politicians, and the car manufacturers – is this: if a teenager on a limited budget can convert a truck and car to electric powered engines, WHY CAN’T OUR CAR COMPANIES DO THE SAME, AND WHY AREN’T WE, THE PUBLIC, DEMANDING THAT THEY DO SO.

Yes, it is that simple, once the greed, excessive profits, monopolies and the strangle-hold of the oil and gas companies have on us are set aside. We could all be driving inexpensive, easy to refuel planet friendly cars, powered by electricity.