Are We Going the Nuclear Power Route Again?

"Nuke pursuit anything but PowerWise":  This was an opinion piece which appeared in the Toronto Star, by David Suzuki on December 15th, on page AA.8

Unfortunately, I cannot direct you to the exact link of Dr. Suzuki’s article in the paper, since it requires payment to view archives, but I can paraphrase it.

In Ontario, we’ve all seen the television ads where David Suzuki appears to promote the wise use of electricity, you know, the one with the guy and his basement beer fridge, penguins in the bathtub, or hanging laundry from a plaza parking lot light standards. In his article, Dr. Suzuki has announced that he and his foundation have withdrawn from the ads in protest of Premier McGuinty’s pending decision to re-build an existing nuclear power plant in Pickering ( a hotbed of controversy over the years ) and to build new ones.

As he points out, not only do we risk spending far more money than necessary on nuclear power, but we miss the opportunity to create many new and exciting ‘green’ jobs by choosing alternate public power generation over traditional ones; at the same time, we are passing up a chance to contribute to the recovery of our ailing environment in a major way.

Energy conservation and large scale green-power projects are the wave of the future, not to mention a growing necessity. Here again, Suzuki bemoans the fact that we are abrogating our opportunity to become world leaders in this field.

David Suzuki has full faith in the public’s willingness to participate in the greening of Ontario. I believe that we can cut our use of electricity, find more efficient and less destructive ways to generate that power, all without sacrificing our modern technologies and luxuries. Is the public really ready? More importantly, are you, Premier McGuinty?

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