Doing Our Part for the Environment

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I have friends who have started a small business, Hallo Mister Distributing Re Sale Center, to recycle items. Given the current economic climate, the timing couldn’t be better, as I’m sure more and more people will be looking for ways to save money.

The real reason Wende and Audrey began the store dates back to Wende’s interest in our local landfill sites. They are filling up at an alarming rate. The problem is, although here in Haliburton we are surrounded by thousands of acres of forest and open, unused field, it is deceptive. You would think with all that space, we could continue to open new landfill sites endlessly. Not so…. aside from the pollution issues we all have heard about, we are sitting on the Canadian Shield, so the rock base is very close to the surface here. The truth is, there just aren’t a lot of open areas that can be easily excavated, filled with junk, then covered and left to rot.

Our Canadian society is founded upon the hard work and dedication our ancestors gave in pioneering areas such as the Haliburton Highlands. Recycling, although I’m sure they didn’t call it that, was a way of life. Everything that could be re-used, was re-used. I’m sure neighbours regularly had what we would call today, swap-meets. I have no doubt people frequently purchased items from each other, or sold goods no longer needed to merchants, things like clothing, furniture, kitchen utensils and pots and pans, tools, farm implements — anything that was no longer needed. What couldn’t be sold or traded as is, would be taken apart, dismantled, melted down or otherwise recycled.

We need to re-kindle that ancient spirit of recycling, and break our habit of disposing then forgetting the things we no longer need. The throwaway society we’ve created must change. There is no reason I can think of not to re-invent some of our ancestors’ ways, learn from their pragmatic, efficient, recycling world-view, and incorporate that into our modern life styles.

Here’s the link for the Re Sale Center again: