American Election

Although I’m not an American, my husband and I have been watching the election campaigns with great interest, since we Canadians are politically and economically affected by events in the United States.
    That being said, I can’t help but wonder what the McCain camp means when they say that Sarah Palin will attract female voters. Do they mean that women are only attracted to her because she’s female? If so, that borders on offensive, because it implies that women don’t know or care about issues that impact them and their families. Most of us care deeply about all issues, such things as economy, education, health care, terrorism, wars, poverty, the environment, — well, you get the idea. There are so many issues that need addressing, that it is difficult and confusing to know where to start, but start we must.
     Here in Canada, we are also faced with an election this fall. Our current Conservative government seems to be fairly well in line with current and past Republican policies, with a far right-leaning undertone and disregard for the average tax payer. Let’s hope our candidates won’t start throwing women candidates at us female voters with the presumption that we’ll vote for them on the grounds of gender alone. Come on guys, we expect better of you.