Changes in the Wind


I’m trying to consolidate and organize my web sites, and so have imported a number of blogs from my own URL, riotthill. The imports are blogs written and posted at riotthill, rather than here. They are older. They pertain to writing, a course on Fantasy and Science Fiction taken several years ago. They have been re-categorized to fit this site. If you’ve seen the blogs before, my apologies for the redundancies. If not, perhaps you’ll enjoy reading them.


I have decided, during this snit-fit of organization that my original domain,, will be reserved strictly for actual writing and publications, so you will find there a selection of short stories and poetry — some of which dates back to pre-21st century, and publications.broom


On riotthill, the downloads, to date, are free, two short stories, The Sleeping Gods, and Awash, which I published with the help of Smashwords. They are free because they were and still are intended as an exercise to learn something of the self-publishing (known often as indie publishing) and e-book preparation, including cover design. They stand as is, and I think I actually did a fair job on them. Anyway, if you visit, or Smashwords to download either story, enjoy them, and hey, toss a comment my way if you like them, or even if you didn’t.


In the meantime (oh, dear, I think the writing gurus recommend never to use the preceding phrase — oops :)), back at the ranch, I am currently working on an anthology of short stories to be published for sale (no title as yet), and have prepared a series of illustrated poems for upload directly to iBooks. I am required to have a US EIN, for tax purposes before uploading, so that book will appear in a few weeks. I will post notices all over the place once either or both books ‘go live‘.

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