Changing Blog Sites

If you have bookmarked my blog, there are some changes you should know about.

After May 1st, I will not be updating, as I have decided to move my blog entries to my personal website,, rather than maintaining separate sites for blogs, photos[1] and writing.


You can find my blogs at riotthill, which I have structured much the same as here, with various categories such as my story, my world, on writing, plus additional categories that will offer fiction and poetry.

Although I won’t be using the free blogging service after May 1st, I will leave the site available with its archives, and a link from riotthill if you would like to search old archives going back to 2008, when I started blogging.

Double Posts Until May 1st

In the meantime, I will post blogs with similar frequency, and to both sites until May 1st. If you would like to continue following me — I hope you will — you should subscribe to / bookmark that site instead of this one.

WordPress is a fantastic service, and you will see that the foundation of my web site uses a wordpress theme as well, but will allow me extended flexibility and fine-tuning.

I look forward to seeing you at riotthill — many thanks for your support. + =

  1. — a little web site I started last summer to record photos taken from my Blackberry  ↩
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